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What We Do

Launched in 2010, pioneered the online matching service for attorneys seeking to share an office or sublet from law firms having excess space. We create immediate opportunities for attorneys desiring relocation with criteria-based custom searches or views by zip codes. It's simple. Law firms post available office space; attorneys search and find space while simultaneously posting their professional profiles on our site. is a matching site like no other and benefits both the law firms and the attorneys by directly connecting these two parties.

Our mission is to assist the legal profession by creating a web site targeted for attorneys in transition and law firms with surplus office space. With the use of our site, hopefully costs of running a law practice, whether as a solo practitioner or a large law firm, are defrayed. Time and space are terrible things to waste.

Who We Are

The founder, Elaine M. Russell, an attorney practicing corporate law in Atlanta, Georgia, was searching for new office space for her law practice, but could not find an Internet matching site creating synergy between law firms with empty offices and solo practitioners like herself. Commercial real estate brokers were of no help. Elaine knew there was vacant law space in firms around Atlanta. Managing partners and office managers, however, had no direct connection to her- or she to them. After surfing the Internet and wasting valuable billing time, Elaine finally went door to door asking law firms if there were any vacancies and interviewing office managers. Contemplating the loss of her time, energy and money, and realizing many attorneys were in a similar situation, Elaine M. Russell created This site provides a quick, easy and inexpensive online tool by bringing together attorneys wanting to share or sublet law space and existing law firms with empty space.

Where is Active?

Attorneys everywhere need law space. In this economic market, many law firms have empty space. This website fills a void for attorneys seeking to share office space in any city in the United States. Eventually will be available around the globe.

Who uses LawSpaceMatch?

Solo practitioners, groups of attorneys, small, mid-size and large law firms, law graduates and stay-at-home moms and dads are all invited to participate to meet their law space needs. Attorneys may post their professional profiles and practice areas on our public view database while they search for their new law space, whether it is a full-time or part-time office.