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Frequently Asked Questions

Law Firm Benefits

We offer the simplest and most effective resource for your law firm to find talented, driven professionals to share your space.

Law Firms post available offices to share with other professionally compatible attorneys

Attorney Benefits

We are the only venue for sole-practitioners, graduates, and attorneys in transition to find an executive suite with other like-minded professionals.

Find the ideal office space in a matter of minutes.

How Does It Work?

Law Firms: simply create an account and create your listings. It's that easy!

Attorneys: You've got options. Search the vacant space by simply typing in your zip code. If you like, you can customize your search by reviewing our checklist of the amenities you need. Should you choose you can also receive email notifications when new space becomes available in your target zip code.

An additional benefit to creating an account is that you can display your own public profile for other site members to see. This may help generate exposure of your skill set and your intentions to acquire space.

What Does It Cost?

The site is completely free!

Can I List Multiple Spaces?

Absolutely! We encourage you to list as many vacant law spaces as you have.

I Created A Listing, Why Doesn't It Show?

Check that your address is a valid address. If you are sure that your address is correct, and that your listing is active, send us a message to request more help.

Why Sublease?

Subleasing will mitigate the loss from empty office space. Your solution is to go to where you will be able to quickly post your empty law offices where an attorney searching the web by his or her desired zip code, will find your post quickly and easily. Don’t miss out. Post your empty offices on