How Do I Post My Law Office For Lease or Sublease?

Create an account and check the boxes describing your law office space, practice areas, square footage and rent. Upload your photographs and contact information. Modify it when you need to by logging into your Dashboard.

Can Non Law Firm Space Shares such as Executive Suites and Brokers List their Space for Lease?

Yes. We are a one-stop shop for Lawyers looking to lease or sublease law offices to lawyers who share office space.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have various subscription plans. Check them out HERE. We think the cost per month is less than a tiny ad found in a bar journal or trade publication.

What Subscription Plan Do I Want?

We have four total plans. Two Basic plans: Basic Plan, which is a 30-day plan (2 listings), and Extended Basic, three-month plan (2 listings).
We also have two Volume plans, Volume Plan, which is a 30-day plan (6 listings), and Extended Volume, three-month plan (6 listings).
If you opt for the extended plans then you get a reduced per month price.

Can I List Multiple Spaces?

Absolutely! Each Listing plan allows for 2 or 6 LawSpace Listings.
If you need more LawSpace to Lease or Sublease just contact us.

I Created A LawSpace Listing, Why Doesn't It Show?

Check that your address is a valid address. If you are sure that your address is correct, verify your Listing is checked “Active”. Contact us for more help

Can I search for Free?

Yes, search approximately 40,000 zip codes for free.  Lawyers may search for empty space to rent within a law firm or non-law firm space shares. Search for the perfect law office space sharing arrangement.

How do I Delete a LawSpace Listing?

You may have multiple LawSpace Listings and lease a LawSpace before finding the right match for your remaining spaces. Delete a LawSpace Listing by logging into your account dashboard and click on the LawSpace listings link in the menu. To delete, simply click the trashcan icon against the LawSpace you wish to remove.

What Is the Term of the Membership Subscription?

Depends on your plan - thirty (30) or ninety (90) days.

How Do I Find An Empty Law Office Space?

It's easy. Type in your zip code or desired city in the search box and all listings will pop up. Login and see more details like practice areas and more details about the LawSpace. Find the best match for you and your law firm.

What If There Are No Listings For LawSpace in my Zip?

Simple. Sign up for alerts when new law office space becomes available in your desired city or zip code, and we will send you emails with these listings when they become available. Just save your search, name it and monitor your email notifications in your Dashboard.