About Us

LawSpaceMatch is a website targeting solo practitioners and law firms with under ten attorneys who wish to share law office space. Law firms with empty law offices may post details and amenities about the LawSpace. Attorneys seeking shared office space can search in approximately 40,000 zip codes and directly contact their perfect match online. Another component is providing both law firms and attorneys networking options with our attorney profile feature.

Elaine M. Russell, Founder and Corporate Lawyer

Our founder, Elaine M. Russell, a solo practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia, was searching for leasable office LawSpace for her law practice, and has created this site because she needed it. Elaine knew there was vacant LawSpace in law firms. Managing partners and office managers, however, had no direct connection to her – nor she to them. She could not find an internet matching site creating synergy between law firms with empty offices and solo practitioners like herself. Commercial real estate brokers were of no help. Wasting valuable billing time, Elaine finally went door to door asking law firms about leasable space.

Realizing many attorney were in her same situation, losing valuable time and money, Elaine created www.lawspacematch.com to provide a quick, easy, and inexpensive online tool to bring together attorneys wishing to sublease LawSpace and existing law firms with LawSpace to spare.

Our mission is to help lawyers lease their empty office space. After all, sharing office space is prevalent; we created the online platform targeting lawyers.

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