Glossary of Terms

Affiliated: This term can be used to loosely describe lawyers or law firms that share office space but maintain separate practices.

Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs): Non-traditional service providers that are emerging to offer legal services.

Conflict Check: A process to ensure that representation of a new client does not conflict with the interests of existing clients.

Co-Working: The use of an office or other work environment by people or lawyers who are self- employed or working for different businesses, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

Executive Suites: A set of individual offices sublet from a larger suite of offices. Flex Space: A type of workspace that offers flexible leasing options, allowing businesses or professionals to rent office space on a short-term or as-needed basis.

LawSpace: Office space used by lawyers in their law practice.

Lease Agreement: The contract between the lessor and the lessee, stipulating the terms and conditions of the lease.

Legal Marketplace: An online platform where lawyers can connect with other lawyers or law firms.

Legal Tech: Technology used to streamline or automate day-to-day tasks for legal professionals.

Matching: The process of connecting lawyers or legal professionals with suitable law offices or workspaces based on their specific needs and preferences.

Of Counsel: is a term used to describe a close relationship between a lawyer and a law firm or organization that is not as an associate, partner, or shareholder not a relationship which is merely a referral arrangement.

Office Sharing: An arrangement wherein a company or law firm that owns or manages a large space rents meeting rooms, offices and rest rooms are shared with smaller company or law firm, allowing them to share the facilities and resources. Lawyers who office share often have their own separate practices and do not share clients or legal responsibilities, but they share common areas and resources such as receptionists, conference rooms, or office equipment.

Shared Office Space: Office space involving an open workspace where workers from multiple teams, attorneys, law firms, or companies come together in a neutral shared area. By sharing the cost of a larger space, workers/attorneys gain access to professional workspaces with amenities that they may not have been able to afford individually.

Standard Code of Ethics (ABA Model Rules 1.10, 7.5): The set of ethical rules and guidelines established by the American Bar Association (ABA) to govern the professional conduct of attorneys, including rules pertaining to conflicts of interest (Rule 1.10) and communications with prospective clients (Rule 7.5).

Sublease: A contract between a tenant and a sub-tenant to rent a residential or commercial space for a defined period.