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Why Practicing in Shared LawSpace will help your Firm Post-Pandemic


Why Practicing in Shared Office Space will Help Your Firm Post-Pandemic

We share from Everlaw Collaboration Post Pandemic White Paper (Above the Law) "White Paper", stating that shared office space can help you survive post-pandemic.    We have our own ideas about why sharing LawSpace helps lawyers reduce law firm expense and help gain legal and personal collaboration.  Referrals are also a bonus.

Here is what we found in the "White Paper":

1. Speed.  The world moves faster than ever.  As a result communications has to keep up.   "A true shared space must allow for rapid discussion"  cuts wait time between responses between attorneys and staff.  Whether it is a large law firms with 300 attorneys and staff or a solo practitioner and one paralegal, fast response is need to keep up with the demands of clients and opposing counsel.  Bottom line, "real- time" is faster.  And "real-time" occurs when staff is in the same office.

2. Efficency.  Immediate access to projects are important.  Whether your paralegal needs your bar number for CLE or mutliple associates need insight about strategic planning with a partner,  shared office space  spurs efficency. 

3. Security.  

If you are not aware of the increase in hackers such as the recent Russian hackers intruding upon 18,000 individuals, corporations and government agencies, then it is time to pay attention.  Don't think lawyers are a big risk?  Well, they are.  With lawyers housing personal information about clients, opposing litiigants, including Iolta trust accounts data, know that a multi-step process is more susceptible to unwanted access than work on one collaborative document. 

4. Inclusivity. 

According to the White Paper,  "It's essential in shared spaces to be able to control who can and can't enter the space.  Imagine a document reviewer — a JD, with domain expertise and thousands of reviewed documents under their belt — being able to understand an overall case strategy and adjusting their review analysis to match. Or imagine an inhouse and outside counsel collaborating together on a single timeline instead of duplicating each other’s work. A great shared space can provide all of this. Teams that work toward inclusivity rather than exclusivity will have a shared mission, and be more agile and effective."

So, now is the time. Find a LawSpace for your law firm by searching in your desired zip code at  We are here to help. Created by lawyers sharing LawSpace.