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Find the Perfect Shared Office Space for Your Law Practice: Top 5 Features to Consider

In the past, law firms were known for their expansive office spaces where every associate had their personal workspace. But times are changing. More and more law firms are moving towards shared offices. This not only reduces costs but also fosters a collaborative work environment. As a result, shared office spaces are now offering more amenities than ever, some specifically targeting the legal community. If you're on the lookout for a legal-only shared office space, here are five features you should consider:

1. Benefit from On-site Paralegal Support

The advantage of some shared office spaces is that they offer paralegal staff who can assist you with a variety of tasks, from basic administrative work to in-depth legal research. While this may come at an additional cost, it certainly beats the expense of hiring a full-time legal assistant. These paralegals and support staff, who are usually employees of the shared office provider, can also help with arranging court reporters, filing paperwork, and serving subpoenas.

2. Make Use of Professional Deposition Rooms

While lounges and on-site gyms are common features in most shared office suites, private deposition rooms are a rare find. When looking at shared office spaces for legal professionals, make sure they offer access to private meeting rooms with videoconferencing capabilities. You can use these rooms for conducting depositions, either remotely or in-person, and rent them only when needed.

3. Enjoy the Luxury of a Truly Private Office Space

Many shared office spaces offer open floor plans or use glass partitions to create separate workspaces. While this might work for startups and creative businesses that rely on collaboration, it's not quite suitable for lawyers. So, look for shared office spaces that provide private offices for confidential client discussions, along with common areas for networking with other legal professionals.

4. Network with Legal Professionals Right Next Door

Most people opt for shared office spaces to network with professionals from different industries. But as a lawyer, wouldn't it be great to network with other legal professionals who specialize in different areas of law? Shared office spaces for legal professionals offer you just that.

5. Choose a Prime Location

For many lawyers, being close to the courthouse is crucial. Most shared office spaces designed for the legal community are located in legal districts, close to courthouses and other important buildings. Plus, if your office provider has multiple locations, you can choose to work from the center that's most convenient for you on any given day. No more unnecessary commuting!

At the end of the day, the key to choosing a shared office space is to ensure it offers you all the benefits of a collaborative environment, without compromising on your professional responsibilities or image. So keep these five features in mind when searching for your next shared office space.