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Four Things to Look for in Shared Law Office Space

Four Things to Look for in Shared Office Space

1. Private Law Office workspace: 

Lawyers need enclosed, private spaces for work production and client communication.  Privacy equals space for work production and client communication.  While larger firms are moving towards open floor plans and clustered workstations, many law practices are opting for shared offices. This allows the law firm to reduce real estate expenses and work more collaboratively with peers.  These shared spaces can work but should be designed specifically for the legal community, balancing the need for privacy and open collaboration.  Check out these tips when entering into a sublease office share within a law office.

2. Paralegal Support:

Executive suites and law firms often offer paralegal staff who can assist with everything from administrative tasks to legal research. Utilizing shared paralegal services can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time legal assistant, saving time on tasks like court reporting, filing paperwork, and serving subpoenas. A great paralegal is invaluable, so take advantage of shared staff in a law firm office or executive suite.

3. Next-Door Colleagues:

Choose a collaborative environment to work alongside and network with legal professionals of varying experience levels. This allows access to a built-in network of specialists in different areas of law, providing potential client referrals and valuable connections, especially beneficial for newly minted lawyers.

4. Location:

Proximity to the courthouse is key for many lawyers. Most centers designed for the legal community are located in established legal districts close to courthouses and other frequently visited buildings. If your office provider operates multiple locations, you may have the added benefit of working from the most convenient center, eliminating unnecessary commutes.

At the end of the day, the key to choosing a shared office space is to ensure it offers you all the benefits of a collaborative environment, without compromising on your professional responsibilities or image. So keep these four features in mind when searching for your next shared law office space.