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3 Reasons Solo Practitioners Take the Opportunity to Share Law Office Space

 As we mentioned in our blog post, "You can't run a Law Practice From a Coffee Shop,, you cannot practice in a cafe forever. Considering an appropriate level of professionalism, an attorney's ethical duty to maintain a client's secrets and confidences confidential, and for your own working quiet space, lawyers need a law office. Why not space share with an existing law firm? Here are three reasons to proceed with space sharing.  

1.   Less day to day hassle

  A law office filled with attorneys typically has all the tools a lawyer needs in their practice, including: a community scanner, an option for an available phone system/voicemail messaging, copying, faxing and even adequate parking. Not to mention a conference room, perhaps a receptionist and waiting area for clients. Seasoned lawyers, holding a long-term lease or owning LawSpace are more than willing to have a solo practitioner share law space. "Package" deals or a la carte deals are available. The headaches of staffing, machine upkeep and office décor or maintenance are shifted to someone else so that solo practitioners can focus on legal expertise and developing their practice.

2.   Filling the Pipeline

We all know it takes a lot of time to meet clients, prepare for litigation, draft documents or close a transaction.  With multiple lawyers just down the hall, a small law firm can usually obtain periodic referrals of clients from overloaded attorneys who need help.   It’s true, if you’re down the hall, you’re the first one an overloaded attorney will consider.  Proximity is key.   And remember, these lawyers are probably practicing in different practice areas so complimenting their practice means more clients landing on your desk.

3.  Reduction of Your Risk

Some solo practitioners and small law firms may opt to avoid malpractice insurance payments.  All the more reason to a join a law office rental sharing situation.  Young lawyers are more apt to ask questions and get a “second opinion” from an attorney they know, trust and who is accessible.  Bouncing ideas off another lawyer about a family law matter, or how to file a mechanic’s lien may substantially reduce your risk of malpractice.  This is important, particularly, when you don’t have malpractice insurance.

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