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Practicing Litigation Virtually - Interesting Statistics

Are you in your Pajamas for a Deposition or Not?  Here are some Stats 

Practicing Law Institute polled 100 attorneys - with the largests responses from Biglaw firms (31.18%), 23.66% from small firms and 23.66% from midsize firms - to find out how things have worked out when practicing law virtually during the pandemic.

Which software are these attorneys using?  Zoom wins with 77.78% using this platform then Microsoft Teams  (9.09%) and Webex in third with 8.08%.

Almost 62% of respondents reported that they always wear formal business attire for virtual hearings and depositions. The majority of respondents, about 80%, reported that they never wear pajamas or loungewear for virtual hearings and depositions.

We all heard about the "Cat meeting"?  And there is only one "Cat Lawyer"   Almost 60% of respondents reported that they would indeed be able to immediately turn off a cat filter if necessary.

How often are cameras on for virtual hearings and depositions?   68.63% of lawyers say always.  27.45% say somethines and 3.92% say never. 

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