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Starting Your Law Firm - Avoid These Mistakes

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Atlanta's March Unemployment Report Offers Hope for the Region

The unemployed in Atlanta may have finally breathed a small sigh of relief upon seeing the city's March unemployment figures this week. With little variation over the last 12 months, the...

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The Pre-Law Outlook - Importance of Networking with Lawyers as an Undergraduate

Contributed by Merrick Pastore (not a law student but hopefully will be soon)

As a junior year college student finishing up my sixth semester of undergraduate education, the thought of...

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Sunrise in Atlanta

5:00AM finds me walking into the kitchen of my sorority house with my computer, backpack and highly caffeinated tea. During any other time of the year I would expect the common area to be empty...

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Persistence of the Economic Downturn Forces a New Legal Landscape

The past few years have brought significant changes to the legal industry in the US. The recession has forced law firms to reduce costs to stay in business. Just behind reducing staff, cutting...

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