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Unexpected Benefits Come From Office Sharing

Attorneys - as Landlords or Tenants

The advantages of attorneys sharing office space are many. In fact, sharing office space can provide many unexpected benefits to both the law...

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Grades Or Experience? The Great Debate

Since the economy plummeted and job availability for attorneys went south, the question has been debated by third year law students throughout the country: getting the grades or having work...

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Advice on Summer Jobs: Both for Now and in the Future

Jobs: the ever dreaded and worrisome topic among law students. After reading articles online, talking with students about the economy's affects on opportunities in the legal field, I think...

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The Ethics of Legal Office Sharing Arrangements or Subleasing

4 Simple Tips to Keeping it Clean:

The benefits of legal office sharing arrangements or subleasing are highly...

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Atlanta Lenders and Developers Ignored Warning Signs of Recession

The amount of available office space in Atlanta over the past five years has increased by nearly...

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