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Job Outsourcing: What Does it Mean for the Legal Profession?

"Outsourcing" is not a term with which I am particularly familiar. The word is tossed around as something that takes jobs away from Americans, as companies take advantage of cheap...

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Should I Stay in School? Just Look at the Unemployment Rate

One of the largest trends I've noticed in the last few years is the increasing rate at which newly graduated college students and those older are extending their stay in school. Of my...

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Atlanta Law Firm Gets Sued By Landlord For Back Rent - Share Law Office Space Instead

A major Atlanta law firm, Epstein Becker & Green has been sued by its landlord for unpaid rent for its Atlanta/Buckhead law office. While the law firm...

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Lawyers Sharing Space - Benefits and Responsibilities

Atlanta lawyers are subleasing with other lawyers and entering into law space sharing arrangements. The Georgia...

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Sandra Day O'Connor Shared Law Office Space

Even graduating third in your class from Stanford Law does not guarantee a credible position at a law firm. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor found out just this upon graduating from Stanford....

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